Through a glass, more darkly.

The following tales explore the darkness that lies within most people. The stories come from my heart; but my heart has been shrunk, hardened and it pulls at the dark matter around it with the gravity of a dying star.


A Picture of Mary Berry

Prologue Mme Sosostris read the name of the town as her train pulled into the station. This was the one. She never questioned her instincts but let them lead her where ever and she grabbed her large carpet bag from the seat beside her and glided towards the exit, taking her place in the queue… Continue reading A Picture of Mary Berry

Bon Appétit

The brown paper bag had been folded over twice, quite neatly – hemmed almost. Bethany stroked the smooth paper edges where the fold almost shone with tightness. Her finger tips tingled in exquisite anticipation but she squeezed the seal even more firmly together testing her will. The bag rested on her lap and its warmth… Continue reading Bon Appétit


She heard him before she saw him. The open window on the landing allowed in the early summer birdsong together with the less melodic sounds of her husband’s harsh but controlled breathing and fast, heavy footfall as he sprinted the last twenty metres to the gate. Chest heaving, he came in to their enclosed back… Continue reading Ornithology

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